Fade ep - By Joshua Scott cochran

Download the album from my bandcamp page. For a limited time, it is free and requires no signup of any kind.

This six song e.p. was written and recorded in various bedrooms, cars, airplanes, and studios over a five year period. "The Fade e.p." represents a personal journey through sadness, betrayal, loss, and loneliness, but which ultimately culminates in acceptance and determination. My desire is that it provides a bit of hope for those going through difficult times and a thoughtful reminder to those already on the other side.

"The Fade e.p." is broken pop music, both organic and electronic, lyrical and textural, polished and raw. The first part of the album is dark, somber, and low-key. The final songs gain confidence and energy through introspection and discovery.

My name is Joshua Scott Cochran, I have been playing, writing, and producing music for many years. I play keyboards with Sky Hi on G.E.D. Soul Records, and I have played with Murfreesboro acts Junk Buddha, and Marujah. I've also produced, re-mixed, and tweaked laptop knobs as Dj Anemone, Bus Stop, and Enoch's House. It's been quite a while since I've released a solo project. This is the first time I have recorded an album with lyrics and vocals. It is undoubtedly rough around the edges, but I am proud of the work and the songwriting. I am very pleased and blessed to be able to release this. I hope you enjoy.

-joshua scott cochran
joshua.scott.cochran at gmail.com

Special thanks to:
Sky Hi - For graciously allowing me to use their web hosting
Brian Tipton - For the use of his wonderful photographs
Greg Hopkins - For mixing and mastering duties
Damon Scott - For lending his drumming chops
Jason Bullock - For engineering and rendering duties

Please check out the video for "Fade", the first track on "The Fade e.p."

And here is the second video, for "Not Afraid."